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Imaging and Microscopy

EIB Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility

Currently, the EIB Microscopy Facility has six high-quality research grade microscopes. As a multi-user facility, the different instruments provide a wide range of imaging modes for EIB scientists, fr… [learn more]

Facility Head: Michael J Kruhlak, PhD
Phone: 301-435-6402

NCI Center for Molecular Microscopy (CMM)

The Center for Molecular Microscopy (CMM) is aimed at developing new techniques in high-resolution imaging electron microscopy and collaborates with CCR Investigators to apply these techniques to rese… [learn more]

Group Leader: Kedar Narayan, PhD
Phone: 301-360-3463

Optical Microscopy and Analysis Lab (OMAL)

OMAL focuses its research and development activities to quantitatively understand the molecular basis of three-dimensional (3D) cell organization, motility, invasion, and differentiation using fixed s… [learn more]

Director: Stephen Lockett, PhD
Phone: 301-846-5515
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