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Cell Banking and Aliquoting

BTB Tumor Repository (DTP)

The BTB Tumor Repository's tumor collection contains a wide variety of frozen types of human and animal origin. Virtually all of the human tumors are xenografts grown in athymic nude mice, although th… [learn more]

To contact this facility, please refer to the contact details below Please do not send your request via CREx
Phone: 301-846-1709

Biological Products Core (AIDS and Cancer Virus Program)

The Biological Products Core provides the AIDS research community with high quality purified preparations of various strains of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SI… [learn more]

Head: Julian W Bess, Jr, MS
Phone: 301-846-5981

Central Repository

The Central Repository provides the research community at the NCI with various cryogenic services, including low-temperature storage from +4° C to -196° C, controlled-rate freezing, computerized inv… [learn more]

Principal Investigator: Dr Marcia C Lara, PhD LBR
Phone: 301-694-5911

NCI Preclinical Repository (DTP)

The Biological Resources Branch (BRB) Preclinical Repository is an NCI-sponsored facility containing bulk cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, reference standards, and other research reagents that are ma… [learn more]

Program Director: Karen Muszynski, PhD
Phone: 301-846-1101

Natural Products Repository (DTP)

NCI considers the Natural Products Repository (NPR) a national resource, and extracts from the Repository are available either in vials or in 96-well plates for distribution to qualified organizations… [learn more]

Chief: Barry O'Keefe, PhD
Phone: 301-624-1285

Radiolabeled Compounds Repository (DTP)

The National Cancer Institute is making its inventory of radiolabeled compounds available to qualified researchers. These radiolabeled drugs are available to qualified researchers from the Drug Synthe… [learn more]

Facility Head: Prabhakar Risbood, PhD
Phone: 301-435-9157 (or 9159)
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