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Sample Submission and QC

SF Services – Sample Submission and QC

All samples submitted to the Sequencing Facility undergo QC testing upon arrival to ensure minimum requirements for a successful sequencing run are met. Specific QC requirements vary by platform and sample type. A specific listing can be found through our FAQs (PacBio | Illumina) or specifics may be discussed by contacting our laboratory coordinators.

Submitting your samples for an approved project takes just minutes. For both Illumina and PacBio sequencing, you will need to fill out a Sample Manifest form to aid in sample identification and QC. Shipping instructions can be found included in the form. Samples should be packaged along with the manifest and shipped so as to remain frozen through delivery (dry ice recommended). Alternatively, samples can be directly dropped off to our designated lab personnel, Jyoti Shetti (Illumina) and Castle Raley (PacBio), at our facility in Frederick.

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