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Sample Library Preparation and Sequencing

SF Services – Sample Library Preparation and Sequencing

Library Preparation

For investigators pursuing Illumina sequencing, our facility offer the option of submitting your own prepared sample libraries or having the libraries prepared by our experienced team members (For PacBio sequencing, library prep is a standard component of our procedure). By having your libraries prepared at the Sequencing Facility, we can ensure that PCR bias is minimized and samples meet optimal metrics for average fragment size, two common causes of poor data quality following the run.

Examples of sequencing applications

A major advantage to choosing the Sequencing Facility is our flexibility in supported project applications. The listing below details some of the projects we have already completed for investigators. If you would like to discuss feasibility of other proposed experiments or obtain advice for planning your project, please contact Bao Tran.

A partial list of projects completed at the Sequencing Facility:

  • Whole-genome
  • Amplicon resequencing
  • Targeted exome capture
  • mRNA and small RNA profiling
  • DNA-protein interaction sites (ChIP-Seq)
  • Modified nucleotide detection
  • Customized, novel project designs
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