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SF Services

SF Services

The mission of the Center for Cancer Research Sequencing Facility (CCR-SF) is to utilize high-throughput sequencing technologies to enrich cancer research and ensure that the NCI community can leverage the leading-edge of Next-Generation Sequencing technology.

The Sequencing Facility is available to provide support and assistance through each stage of the sequencing process:


We currently offer sequencing services on the Illumina HiSeq4000 and NextSeq instruments, and the PacBio RS. Each sequencer conveys different advantages depending on the desired application. The major services offered at CCR-SF include,

  • Short-reads/Illumina sequencing:
  1. ChIP DNA sequencing
  2. Genomic DNA sequencing
  3. Methylated DNA sequencing (bisulfite)
  4. Whole exome sequencing
  5. Total RNA sequencing
  6. mRNA sequencing
  7. miRNA sequencing

  • Long-reads/PacBio sequencing:
  1. Whole Genome Sequencing – de novo assembly, haplotype resolution structural variant detection, DNA epigenetic modification detection
  2. RNA Sequencing – full-length transcript sequencing for whole-transcriptome or gene-specific targets
  3. Targeted Sequencing – long amplicon sequencing; full-length viral sequencing full-length vector sequencing, targeted enrichment and multiplexing strategies

  • Long-reads/Oxford Nanopore sequencing:
  1. Whole Genome Sequencing – ultra-long reads, structural variant detection
  2. RNA Sequencing – full-length transcript sequencing (cDNA or RNA)

  • Others:
  1. Single cell 3’ mRNA sequencing (10X Genomics)
  2. Single cell Immune profiling (10X Genomics)
  3. Structure variation analysis using linked reads – whole genome and whole exome sequencing (10X Genomics)
  4. Optical mapping using Bionano Irys
  5. R&D projects: new applications, new protocols, new platforms etc

Please visit the Protocols and Resources page for more details about the sequencing chemistry and technology utilized by each platform. We encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with the most current information and help you plan your project to meet your sequencing needs.


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