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For questions concerning the Sequencing Facility, proposal submission and funding, and project status, please contact:

Bao Tran

Bao Tran

Laboratory Director

ATRF Room D-3047
Phone: 301-360-3460
Fax: 301-360-3465

Jyoti Shetty

Jyoti Shetty

Illumina Lab Manager

ATRF Room D-3038
Phone: 301-360-3454

Yongmei Zhao

Yongmei Zhao

Bioinformatics Manager

ATRF Room D-3048
Phone: 301-360-3455

Monika Mehta

Mehta Monika

R&D Scientist

ATRF Room D-3042
Phone: 301-846-7068

Castle Raley

Castle Raley

Long-Read Technologies Manager

ATRF Room D3039
Phone: 301-360-3461

Oksana German

Illumina QA Specialist

ATRF Room D-3037



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