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CCR Confocal Microscopy Core Facility

The Confocal Microscopy Core Facility provides "open access" confocal laser scanning microscopy (LSM) services to all CCR investigators. In addition to our instrumentation, resources include access t… [learn more]

Facility Head: Michael Kruhlak, PhD
Phone: 240-858-3342

Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EML)

The EML offers investigators access to unique expertise and EM technologies that allow CCR Investigators to explore new avenues of research in order to enhance the knowledge of biological systems. To… [learn more]

Director: Natalia de Val Alda
Phone: 301-846-5384

High-Throughput Imaging Facility (HiTIF)

The NCI High-Throughput Imaging Facility HiTIF works in a collaborative fashion with NCI/NIH Investigators by providing them with the necessary expertise, instrumentation, and software to develop and … [learn more]

Facility Head: Gianluca Pegoraro, PhD
Phone: 240-760-6696

LCMB Microscopy Core

LCMB Microscopy Core offers live cell imaging technologies as well as standard confocal systems for immunofluorescence. Our confocal instruments are a Leica SP8 LSCM and a spinning disk confocal micr… [learn more]

Manager: Valarie Barr, PhD
Phone: 240-760-7463

LGCP Microscopy Core

LGCP Microscopy Core offers imaging technologies and training. The facility has established instrumentation for for 2D and 3D imaging of both fixed and living specimens. Equipment include: Zeiss AxioO… [learn more]

Manager: Ross Lake
Phone: 240-760-6824

LRBGE Optical Microscopy Core

The core provides access to several different state-of-the-art 3D microscopes as well as computers to visualize and process image data. The facility houses equipment for 2D or 3D imaging of fixed and … [learn more]

Manager: Tatiana Karpova, PhD
Phone: 240-760-6637

NCI LASP Small Animal Imaging Program (SAIP)

The function of the SAIP is to collaborate with NCI investigators in the development of mouse models, new molecular imaging probes for early detection and therapy, monitor tumors in vivo, and perform … [learn more]

Director: Joseph Kalen, PhD
Phone: 301-846-5283

Optical Microscopy and Analysis Lab (OMAL)

OMAL focuses its research and development activities to quantitatively understand the molecular basis of three-dimensional (3D) cell organization, motility, invasion, and differentiation using fixed s… [learn more]

Director: Stephen Lockett, PhD
Phone: 301-846-5515
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