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CCR Genomics Core

The CCR Genomics Core in Building 37 provides NCI intramural investigators with a range of genomics technologies, available either as services delivered by the core, or as walk up access to specific i… [learn more]

Manager: Elizabeth A Conner, PhD
Phone: 240-760-7373

Clinical Molecular Profiling Core

Clinical Molecular Profiling Core offers gene expression profiling, DNA sequencing, DNA methylation profiling, and quantitative PCR services.

Facility Head: Daniel Edelman, PhD
Phone: 301-435-2891

Genomics Technology Laboratory

The Genomics Technology Laboratory is an integrated, high-throughput molecular biology laboratory focusing on the development of genetics and genomics technologies, data analysis, and information mana… [learn more]

Contact: Xiaolin Wu, PhD
Phone: 301-846-7677

Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility

Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility facilitates the assessment of structural and numerical genomic changes in pre-cancer and cancer research models. This core provides comprehensive support for the c… [learn more]

Manager: Sandra Burkett
Phone: 301-846-1262

NCI Cancer and Inflammation Program - Microbiome and Genetics Core (CIP-MGC)

CIP Microbiome and Genetics Core

Director: Colm O'Huigin
Phone: 240-760-7724

NCI LASP Genome Modification Core (GMC)

Genome Modification Core (GMC) is a CCR-dedicated facility that provides advice, training, and reagents to CCR investigators seeking to utilize CRISPR and other nucleases to generate genome modificati… [learn more]

Director: Raj Chari, PhD
Phone: 301-846-7199

Sequencing Facility

The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run has profoundly altered the landscape of genetics and cancer biology. Complex question… [learn more]

Director: Bao Tran
Phone: 301-360-3460
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