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Clinical Research Support

Blood Processing Core

The Blood Processing Core (BPC) can assist NCI investigators within the NIH Clinical Center in the collection and processing of biological specimens (biological fluids). All samples will be processed … [learn more]

Facility Head: William Douglas Figg, Sr, PharmD
Phone: 301-402-3622

CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

The CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research specializes in sanger sequencing-based mutation detection services in a CLIA environment for investig… [learn more]

Director: Gordon Whiteley, PhD
Phone: 301-228-4347

Clinical Molecular Profiling Core

Clinical Molecular Profiling Core offers gene expression profiling, DNA sequencing, DNA methylation profiling, and quantitative PCR services.

Facility Head: Daniel Edelman, PhD
Phone: 301-435-2891

Clinical Support Laboratory

Clinical Support Laboratory offers processing, tracking, and cryopreservation of a broad range of clinical samples specializing in PBMC isolation and controlled rate freezing, ELISA based biomarker te… [learn more]

Head: Jon Inglefield
Phone: 301-846-6865

Collaborative Protein Technology Resource - Nanoscale Protein Analysis

Collaborative Protein Technology Resource Nanoscale Protein Analysis division provides state-of-the-art technologies for rapid, precise and cost-effective functional proteomic studies, such as:

Manager: Jinqiu (Jessie) Chen, PhD
Phone: 240-760-6804

Laboratory of Cell-Mediated Immunity

Laboratory of Cell Mediated Immunity offers a spectrum of bioassays to assess cellular responses to antigens and mitogens including ELISPOT, cytotoxicity assays and proliferation assays.

Head: Jon Inglefield, PhD
Phone: 301-846-6865

Molecular Targets Core

The Molecular Targets Core supports the clinical development of CCR investigational cancer therapeutics by investigating both predictive and correlative biomarkers. These studies provide important inf… [learn more]

Facility Head: Liang Cao, PhD
Phone: 240-760-6893
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