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Microarray Platforms

Full Service Microarray Analysis

Genomics Technology Laboratory

Contact Details

Director: Daniel Soppet

Phone: 301.228.4447


Address:8560 Progress Drive, Frederick, MD 21702

The Genomics Laboratory (GL) at the ATRF offers a variety of genomic core services. To order services, please submit an electronic request via the Core Service Accession System (CSAS); or to discuss the project scope and design, please contact Dan Soppet. In addition you can refer to a number of Protocols and Resources that may be helpful to your current or future research.

Microarray and qPCR Gene Expression Services

  • Global gene expression analysis on Affymetrix single cartridge arrays and high throughput formats arrays (96 sample/plate), including most common model system.  Many options to choose from including 3’ array, Gene array, and Exon arrays.
  • Focused gene expression analysis on single gene or a panel of genes on Nanostring digital nCounter, Fluidigm Biomark microfluidic chips, or Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR).
  • DMET Plus genotyping service for pharmarcogenetic related SNPs (CLIA qualified)
  • aCGH (microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization) on Agilent SurePrint platform for global copy number changes
  • miRNA expression on the Nanostring and Fluidigm Biomark HD platforms
  • ABI’s TaqMan chemistry from copy number variation assays to SNP assays to quantitative PCR assays

All GL microarray services are subsidize by OSTR by 33%

The OSTR has developed a pricing arrangement with GenUs to provide full microarray services for CCR investigators. GenUs is a unique contract research organization solely focused on the optimization of microarray experimentation and analysis.

OSTR offers 33% subsidy for studies with GenUs Biosystems.

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