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Single Cell Analysis Facility now available to CCR investigators

The rapid advancement of single cell technology has provided new powerful tools to answer many biological questions, such as identifying new or rare cell populations and characterizing the complexities of tumor heterogeneity.  Realizing the great potential of single cell technology in cancer research, the CCR has established a new Single Cell Analysis Facility (SCAF), with presence at the Frederick ATRF and the Bethesda main campus.  The SCAF provides the most advanced single cell genomics technologies to CCR investigators, including many established platforms, such as Fluidigm C1 system, Menarini Silicon Biosystems DEPArray system, the 10X Genomics Chromium system, as well as other emerging technologies, such as the BD Genomics Rhapsody system and Akoya Biosciences CODEX protein imaging system.  These technologies give CCR-investigators the options for single cells studies, ranging from few cells to hundreds of thousands of cells, and from single cell genomic assays such as RNA-seq to single cell protein quantification.

To provide the broadest range of project support from consultation on experiment design to sequencing and data analysis, the SCAF is composed of and supported by integrated resources and expertise from the CCR Sequencing Facility, CCR Genomics Technology Lab, CCR Bldg37 Genomics Core, CCR Bldg37 Collaborative Protein Technology Resource, and CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource.  Core technologies are available at both the Frederick campus (ATRF) and at a new facility on the Bethesda main campus in (Bldg 37, Rm 1042) to reduce the sample transportation/processing time.  Our staff will provide experimental consultation, bioinformatics analysis consultation, and perform the single cell capture and sequencing.  Initially SCAF-Bldg37 core will provide 10xGenomics single cell sequencing or single nuclei sequencing.  The Frederick core is located within the Sequencing Facility at ATRF.  It will also offer 10xGenomics platform for Frederick campus. In addition, we’re working on several other emerging technologies and hopefully will make them available soon. Both locations will have dedicated bioinformatics staff to help you perform preliminary analysis and deliver the data in a format that you will be able to focus on your biological questions. 

For further bioinformatics assistance, CCBR bioinformatics staff will be able to work with individual labs on training of relevant analysis software or in-depth analysis consultation.  For general information, please contact Dr. David Goldstein ( or Dr. Xiaolin Wu (, or visit the OSTR website to checkout the most recent updates for SCAF.  To initiate a project consultation or schedule an experiment with our experts, please contact:

SCAF Bethesda Contact:
Dr. Mike Kelly
SCAF Frederick-ATRF Contact:
Dr. Monika Mehta
SCAF Bioinformatics Contact:
Yongmei Zhao
CCBR Bioinformatics Contact:
Dr. Maggie Cam


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