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Developing Technologies

Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT)

The NCI established a program in 1998 focused on innovative technology development to meet the specific needs of cancer researchers and clinicians by stimulating the next wave of technologies capable of being applied towards cancer research. The IMAT Program solicits the most cutting-edge ideas, thus restricting its application pool to those projects that have the potential to be truly transformative. The program has contributed to many of the block-buster technologies that are now on the market including commercialized products such as RNALater, Affymetrix gene chips, Illumina bead platforms, Quantum dot labeling, and ICAT technology. Their current widespread use and application in clinical and basic sciences research is a testament to the impact such transformative technologies have had in cancer research. NCI investigators can partner with technologists and engineers from multiple fields to validate these emerging transformative technologies. A select list of IMAT Technology Development projects is available for interested CCR investigators. The Office of Science and Technology Resources is available to facilitate collaborative interactions with the IMAT program.


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