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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

High Impact Features and Functionality in IPA
Analyze your high throughput data to understand mechanism and function

  • Gain biological context and understanding from microarray and proteomics data
  • Analyze changes in biological states across time and dosages

Build your own pathways

  • Create customized pathways for your targets, biomarkers, processes, and diseases of interest
  • Integrate your proprietary biological relationships into IPA pathways
  • Analyze your customized pathways to derive biological function
  • Compute "shortest paths" between genes or sets of genes

Use IPA as your everyday tool for biological search

  • Search based on genes, proteins, diseases, processes, functions, protein family, tissue, sub-cellular location, drug and more. Expand search results to elucidate pathways and function.

Personalize and share your IPA experience

  • Share your analyses and personalized pathways with colleagues
  • Create, store, and manage customized lists of genes and proteins
  • Generate high-resolution images for publication and presentations
  • Create bibliography of pathway information

Leverage the largest source of expert curated pathways content

  • Experience the impact of the unparalleled quality of 100% expert curated pathway content
  • Leverage vast library of canonical signaling and metabolic pathways
  • Integrate large repository of FDA approved drug information in your pathway analysis

Access Information:
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is available to all researchers affiliated with the NCI. Please use the registration link below to initiate your user account (NCI affiliated e-mail address required).

Enrollment is open to all researchers within the NCI. You must first submit a request through "NCI at Your Serviceto be placed on the list of authorized NCI users. Then you can proceed to the link shown below to activate your private user account:

NCI User Account Activation Request Form:



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